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Vendor Powder Comment Owner Reloads
Accurate 4350 Spokojny 1  
Alliant RL15 Slavinsky 1  
Alliant Unique sledge_hammer 1  
Fiocchi FREX RED comodo
Hodgdon BL-C2 50BMG 3  
Hodgdon CFE223 Rudy 1  
Hodgdon CFE Pistol wani 1  
Hodgdon Clays Used for various calibres Westernlover 2  
Hodgdon H110/W296 H110 and winchester 296 are the same powder BobbyJ 1  
Hodgdon H335 daras6022 1  
Hodgdon H414 washer 1  
Hodgdon H4350 tully32
Hodgdon H4895 raptorek 6  
Hodgdon HP 38 Jackurate 2  
Hodgdon IMR4320 Stepan_Bazyluk 1  

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