We have: Users - 8061, Reloads - 1106

EU Reloading Database

The project is designed to gather successful "recipes" - currently scattered over hundreds of forums entries.
Obviously - the database will be as good as its users will be solid and meticulous.
So whether the project will succeed ... we will see.

The rules are simple:
  • enter only your own, tested elaborations - no "my friend did it ..."!
  • enter components that are available in EU
  • you can edit only your data, but you can add comments and tests to others reloading entries
  • if you want to delete some of your own elaboration - mark it " purpose ": " _delete_ "

  • A brief instruction:- updated


  • The tab "What's new" presents the latest five reloads, comments and tests.
  • The tables have a sort function (click on the heading) and filtering function (option for registered users).
  • Searching is also possible by narrowing the range of results (option for registered users):

    in the tabs Calibre, Bullets, Powder - after clicking on the selected item, we will get a corresponding list of reloads.

  • Add / edit data:

  • First, check CAREFULLY if your component data does not exists in the dictionaries (Calibres / Diameters / Bullets / Powder) - if not, add it please (buttons "New" on the top of the table).
  • Note: after adding a new calibration, you must assign it to the appropriate caliber.
  • All users can make assignments (mappings) of diameters to calibres (Caliber tab).
  • Editing your own entries is possible after clicking on the pencil icon (applies to all tables).
  • For the data consistency reason, the system partially blocks the ability to edit dictionaries - if they have been used by other users (than the owner).
  • Dictionary entry owner, can edit all data (when nobody used them) or afther that, edit only comments and some other parameters (eg. BC or bullet lenght).
  • After clicking on the green plus icon or number of Comments/Tests - you can add and/or edit it (eg. Tests, Photos, Attachments and Comments).
  • It's possible to add Comments / Tests to reloads entered by other users.
  • Other features:

  • You are able to send private messages to other users (click user name - anywhere in the database or use Inbox menu).
  • You can add attachments (pdf format only) to any tests (eg. ammunition pressure testing result).

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